I’m Lize (she/her), the face, brains, and ideas machine behind this one-woman Branding Studio. My main focus in on building strategic brands, all while taking the BS out of the design process, ensuring me AND my clients have fun along the way 🌈✨

The studio

I’m not part of a huge agency. My humble studio is my desk at home in Naarm (Melbourne) where my only co-workers are my fur babies, Sass & Saatchi. It’s also where you’ll most likely find me drinking endless cups of tea or having a boogie at my desk while listening to funky tunes like disco or house.

When looking for people to work with, I always gravitate towards those who are unafraid to show up in the world as themselves. I believe the people and brands who amplify their quirks instead of hide them, should be celebrated - your differences are your superpowers after all.

My design style represents me as a person; bold, colourful as well as being unafraid to show up exactly as i am.


Whatever the circumstance, I always bring creative insight, enthusiasm, and a fresh perspective to each project. I’m a sucker for clever typography and my eyes light up over loads of colour (if you can’t already tell). When I’m not at my desk you’ll find me gaining ideas from nature, recharging my soul in the ocean or doing all of the things you can do when there's not a global pandemic on, like seeing live music or travelling.

I’m inspired by classic, yet groundbreaking artists like Picasso and Matisse, as well as modern illustrators like Egle Zvirblyte. But my ultimate inspiration is my beautiful Granny who passed her eye for great design and art down to me.

One thing all of these go-getters have in common, is that they’re totally unafraid of being themselves, which is the way I aim to run my business and live my life.


I’m passionate about doing good work for both people and the planet. My aim is to work with brands who share the same values as me, as well as my passion to make our world a better place. I live in the belief that we can all make a difference however big or small.

I endeavor to always remain curious about the world and your brand (whatever that may be). Curiosity allows for an open mind and for new possibilities and outcomes for my clients, myself, and the work that I can provide you.


Then what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a more personal touch from a colourful and creative gal, then let’s grab a cuppa and make your brand pop. 👀🌈✨

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