I Am thirsty

Branding + Identity Development, Illustration, Packaging Design, Website Design

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I Am Thirsty was born during lockdown following an urge for a decent cocktail that looked as good as it tasted. These dehydrated garnishes are designed to elevate your at home cocktail making experience and ensure your at-home-happy-hour is as Insta-worthy as a trip to your favourite bar.

Aussie farmers are at the core of Thirsty’s identity, working exclusively with local Australian growers and sellers to source all of their fruit. Where possible, they will use the "odd bunch" or "ugly" fruit that won’t be accepted by supermarkets or green grocers to avoid food waste - don’t worry, it’s all cute when it’s dehydrated!

"I honestly loved this project so so much. I was beside myself with what a good job lize had done that i was literally crying when she sent the concepts through!! lize sooooo captured the essence of how I saw Thirsty going."

- Maddie, founder of I Am Thirsty

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