Love language

Brand Strategy + Identity Development, Illustration


Celebrating each couple’s unique magic ⚡️ 

Love Language is run by Rachel Viant, a marriage celebrant based in Dubbo, marrying couples far and wide. Rach started Love Language because she was sick of the notion that weddings should be done 'the way they always have been.' She leaves cheesy, 'traditional' lines at the door, and instead creates new rituals for her couple's, reflecting their stories.

Rach believes that each couple is truly unique, so her focus is on finding what makes each couple different and celebrating that individual magic through completely personalised ceremonies 💫

The goal for Love Language's visual identity was to be vibrant, yet down-to earth, fresh, yet romantic, but not in the stereotypical love hearts and rainbows way, and also gender neutral as LL believes ALL love is beautiful. 

The Fives Languages of Love are abstract shapes, which represent Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Physical Touch, Acts of Service & Receiving Gifts, the Love Languages developed by Gary Chapman. These shapes were developed to represent the unique combinations of love within each of Rach's couples. They can be across the brand in various ways, but make up a massive element of the visual identity.

"Lize was able to bring my vision to life so accurately. She created brand elements that I hadn't even considered but now the brand cannot do without. in addition to being a high-level creative thinker, lize is also an incredibly organised, boss business person."

- Rachel, founder of Love Language

*Photographs are not owned by Love Language or Lize Designs. They belong to @biancavirtue, @katie_harmsworth and @elsacampbellphotography

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