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Storyhaus Creative is a Creative Comms Studio taking an uncomplicated approach to telling the brand story of creative entrepreneurs and start-ups. The Storyhaus team approach each and every project with creativity, curiosity and are usually actively thinking out-of-the-box. It was important that the brand identity for Storyhaus truly reflected this passion, creativity and excitement the team feel when working with their client.

The Storyhaus brand nods to a Bauhaus style of design, but with a modern, vibrant and a ‘jeans and blazer kinda gal’ twist. While the logo and typography are somewhat simple, the brand really comes to life through the use of shape, colour and other graphic annotations, evoking a fun, playful and creative energy, while at the same time showing confidence and professionalism, two important traits of the Storyhaus brand.

The Storyboard is one of the main elements of the brand, really bringing the Storyhaus story to life. Each of the shapes which make up the Storyboard graphic are based upon the letters which make up ‘Storyhaus’. Although this is the origin of the shapes, it is not necessary that they read in this literal way. Instead the shapes act as a guide to telling the Storyhaus story. The Storyboard brings colour, vibrancy and creativity to the forefront of the brand.

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