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Uncontained is an alternative accommodation experience where guests visit to escape the hustle of the city, to unwind into an unlimited oasis and to indulge in life’s pleasures.

Uncontained exists to allow guests to reconnect with themselves, loved ones and nature. Uncontained was created to provide guests with a sensual experience, rather than just a place to stay. 

Each location has been specifically chosen and curated to promote relaxation within the mind body and soul. Guests are invited into a calm space, surrounded by nature, in peace and quiet, allowing them to sink into an unlimited oasis. 

It was important that the Uncontained brand reflected the unique experience that Uncontained is. The main typeface which has been developed by hand for the brand mark, incorporates unconventional lettering including quirks, character and charming qualities within each of the letters, representing Uncontained’s unique qualities. The motif is representative of the accommodation which is at one with nature.

‘The Senses’ are a series of illustrations that were developed for the Uncontained brand to represent this sensual experience that Uncontained is. The Senses are an integral element of the Uncontained brand DNA, making up a large component of the brand’s visual identity.

"Lize gave me confidence in understanding the design process and learning the benefits in all of the steps. Her ability to dissect information and understand what my dreams and aspirations for the brand was amazing. I’m not very good at explaining my ideas, so I was blown away when she was able to piece together my ideal brand!"

- Tori, Owner of Uncontained

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