Urban antidote

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Urban Antidote is a Melbourne based florist, known for creating playful, vibrant and super creative floral designs.

The Urban Antidote brand exhibits playfulness, vibrancy and creativity, showing how naturally creative the act of working with flowers is (especially Anastasia’s heavenly arrangements).

But when we delve a little deeper, the whole concept of the brand was to look at the push pull of city living and explore how flowers are literally the antidote to urban living. This is shown through the brand mark, where the ‘Urban’ is displayed in a serif typeface relating to city environments, while the ‘Antidote’ is seen in a geometric, but still quite playful sans serif typeface, representing the calming nature the flowers bring to our lives.

The floral pattern which is used across all areas of the brand was developed after physically cutting out floral shapes in a Matisse-influenced collage style. The floral graphics, paired with carefully selected colour palette, bring the brand to the next level and really help to communicate the playfulness and creativity which is deeply embedded in the Urban Antidote DNA.

"If you are on the fence about engaging someone to do your branding and website like I was, I am here to tell you that you that you will not regret working with Lize.

Lize made the whole process very simple and through her own research figured out so much more about my brand than I could as someone so 'inside' the business."

- Anastasia, founder of Urban Antidote

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